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Can you believe it???

It is finally here! I was starting to think it wasn't going to happen. I followed the old tradition and opened the front door at midnight to let the old year out. It was sew cold that I shut the door sew quickly that I wasn't sure if I left time for 2022 to get in. But, I got up at 7, turned on the news (CNN of course cuz they are sew reliable) and sure enough, they confirmed it was January 1, 2022. Phew...what a relief! Now what? Well, resolutions must be made, right?

Sew, I resolve to give the best sewing classes anyone has ever attended... Wait a minute, I did that last year and everyone who attended said they were the best. Sew, this year I resolve to continue giving the best sewing classes anyone has ever received!!! Many students are advancing their skills this year and will be participating in levels 2 and 3. It makes my heart sing to see sew many improve sew much.

Second resolve is to do better work on my website. Adding an actual calendar to view all classes and workshops; putting in more substance into my blog, like some video examples, for example, update my website, like modernizing it, another example. There is only one thing that will hold me back from completing this resolve and that is finding someone computer savvy (specifically with WIX) to help me fumble my way through and teach me how to improve it all. If you know of anyone computer literate and with Website know-how please let me know. I am desperate to hire a web designer/operator. HELP!

I have many resolutions that most people would consider wishful thinking, and they would probably be right, like giving up sugar, but we all know good intensions can be short lived.

Who of you have resolutions that you are willing to share? I will do all I can to support you in your endeavors and I am sure there are others who will do the same.

Make 2022 your year to try something new. Sign up for lessons at any level. They are the best and oh sew much fun. Just ask anyone.

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