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READY ... SET ... LET'S SEW !!!

I hope Christmas was delightful and your New Years Eve a fantastic celebration! I spent a glorious Christmas in New York with the best daughter in the world and we had a wonderful time. We didn't make it home for Christmas as planned as Mother Nature shut down all of our flights homeward bound. More time in New York was an aaahhh schucks moment.

New Years' Eve brought us all back together with time to reminisce over many more memorable times.

The highlights I experienced throughout the year all revolved around all the new people in my life thanks to Copy Cut Sewing Studio. You, my fellow sewers! You made my year full of friendship and enjoyment during our time learning together.

A new year generally means new beginnings, so I am adding new things to beginner and all the way up to advanced lesson plans at the studio. Each class has been pumped up with more techniques and switched up to vary lessons learned. Serger classes will start this month and custom denim before summer with Fall introduction to bra making. The teaching order could change, depending on interest shown in each category.

SPECIAL OFFER: You who have taken classes before this year are welcome to take your class over the new way, or join a different class at a special 'welcome back' price.

Level 1 - Kimono/short robe

Level 2 - Casual pants, shorts or both

Level 3 - Blouse or shirt with collar, cuffs and buttons for holes

Level 4 - Advanced techniques, working with knits and stretch fabric

Level 5 - Fitting plus "the world is your oyster".

As of now, the classes will commence on January 16 at 6:00 pm with an introduction to Sergers 101. There is still room available so register asap.

Beginner Level 2 - Jan 17th 10:00 am - Class FULL

Sergers 102 - Jan 18th 6:00, Room available

Beginner Level 2 6:430 pm- Class Full

Serger 101 Jan 27th 6pm - room available

Beginner Level 1 - Jan 23rd 6:30 pm - room available

If you would like to join the next group of lessons for February, call to be added to a wait list. I will find a way to fit you in!

I have added your pictures to the website home page. Check them out. Many of you have not sent me pictures, as promised, and I would sure love to see them. HINT, HINT!


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