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A lot is changing in 2024

It may be a bit early to start talking about next year but I have lots to talk about. Not only will you have more opportunity to select projects, but you can personalize the date and time

of your lessons. Let me explain:

a. Unless you and a friend want to take as class together, for which I will accommodate, I will be offering all levels on a one-to-one basis. This way I can zero in more closely on your specific needs.

b. We are in the process of putting the inside finishes on my "She Sewing Shed" (try and say that three times real fast) which should be ready by the new year. Wait until you see it! It is sweet, 'sew' comfy cozy and outright cute! Same location (my house) but out back rather than inside up front.

c. All 5 levels of classes will still be available with some changes. Level 4 for example will include the construction of a garment or outfit of your choosing. Plus Serger sewing lessons are being added. I tried out a few Serger 101 and 102 classes this Fall and they were a great success. Lessons in 102 will include sewing with knits along with many new and fun ways of using the machine.

d. A new time table and fee schedule will go into effect in January 2024. Instead of pre scheduling classes for specific days and times, they will be offered on demand. When you decide you want to improve your skills and take another class, we will book it according to your schedule. You pick when and how often you want to sew with me and we will personalize your lessons.

1 hour - $65.00

3 hours - $175.00

6 hours - $331.50

8 hours - $442.00

All fees include taxes.

When booking the 6 and 8 hour sessions, you can opt to take them all in one day. Mondays and Fridays will be set aside for full day classes. If you prefer to break them up, you will select when and how often. When working with only one at time it is easier to be more flexible.

I am confident that there will be more new happenings as the new year draws closer, but that is it for now. For example, I have mentioned bra making in the past and promise it will happen in 2024.

If you would be so kind as to voice your opinion on these changes, I would greatly appreciate it. Every bit of input can only help me to help you.

Thank you my friends.

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