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Serging Into Fall

Pun intended in the title, because, the first series of Fall training programs have been added to the calendar with an exciting new addition. TADA ........

Serger Sewing made easy!!!

SERGER 101 - a special 3 hour in-depth tour of your Serger, and how best to use it, for only $65.00. If you tucked yours away the last time you cursed at it, or just bought one and feel overwhelmed just threading it, don't miss this class. It is limited to only 4 people. (Tuesday, 24 October, 6-9 pm). Prerequisite, must have completed Beginner Basics sewing Level 1, and have a serger.

SERGER 102 - this training runs 2.5 hours for 4 consecutive weeks. Build your skills, or just check out some new tricks on your machine. This class is full of information, skill development and fun, and includes finishing touches for WORKING WITH KNITS. Everything is included for $300.00 except you need your own machine. (Limited to 4 people per class). Wednesday, 26 October, 6-:30pm....Serger Class 101 is a prerequisite.

All past students of Copy Cut Sewing Studio get a 10% discount when registering for both of level 101 and 102 Serger classes together.... Only one catch, discounts do not apply when using a payment plan.

I have been talking about changing things up for some time and this is the year for doing just that. Everything from classes to the studio itself have taken on a new look. Come and see...

Here's another newbie ... Let's say you've already taken a class at the studio in the past, and, for one reason or another, let's blame Covid one more time, were not able to step up to the next level. Why not Do it know for 50% OFF.!!!

Even if you repeat the class you took before, you will be stepping up to making something new: The projects have stepped up as well. If you like the idea of coming back but want to go into the next level, you can do that too. This time, you pick the pattern and the fabric.

I am so excited about the changes and additions. I really want to share them with you. It will be sew good to see all of you again! Think about it and don't stop now!

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